Will someone help me with the move-in process?
Absolutely! Our move-in Simply Removals coordinator will assist you in every aspect of your transition to ensure a smooth and rewarding welcome into our acclaimed community.

If I am not feeling well, can I receive health services right in my apartment?
Yes! Nursing and supportive care services can be accessed in your own apartment via the health center on the second floor or the assisted living program on the third floor. Your entrance fee into our lifecare community assures that you will have access to a full continuum of care and services for any short or long term health care need.

What if I no longer drive?
No problem! Our transportation services provide regularly scheduled trips to area stores and personal transportation to physicians and other destinations on demand.

Can I choose a custom color for my paint and carpet?
By all means! We provide a selection of standard options; however, you may work with our staff to incorporate personal preferences.

I want to maintain control over my schedule and my life, is that possible at a community?
Absolutely! We are here to support you in maintaining your lifestyle and preferences. Additional services and amenities including meal plan options, and in apartment home assistance are available when you want.

What if my friends and family want to visit?
Excellent! We are pleased to accommodate your guests. If they would enjoy dining with you, just make reservations through dining services. If they want to stay overnight, they may reserve the guest apartment.

Are we still under construction?

No, we have now finished our loft conversion and it looks amazing. Here are the builders carried out the work you can contact them Carey london ltd.

A very special thanks to Simply Removals.

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